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We use a combination of:

  • Video Views, Likes, Subscribers
  • Social Shares
  • Video Syndication
  • Social Bookmarks
  • Web 2.0 embeds and links
  • High PR Links
  • Wiki Links

“Off Page’ SEO is always a moving target so are continually adjusting and refining our techniques. We get these links from a variety of sources as to not leave any footprint. Linking to your video is usually not needed every month but it is better to ‘drip’ these links consistently over time than to blast your video and then do nothing.

Local searches often require little SEO boost to rank for a business or profession type and a town name. Other times ranking for harder key words require a considerable effort to rank and keep your video on the first page. In these cases we can add more types of links, more total links and social shares. CR
With those factors in mind we have four examples of SEO boost for your video. They are available on a one time basis, monthly or yearly.

1)  One Time Kickoff Boost                         $79.95
2) Warm Up – Place Keeper Slow Drip     $49.95 or    $495.00 Yearly
3) Over Easy Strength Builder                   $99.95 or    $995.00 Yearly
4) The Whole Enchilada Blaster                $149.95 or  $1495.00 Yearly


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