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The first videos we ranked in Google search were two videos the boss did for his last project, PILLID.COM. He wanted to rank above the fold in Google Video search and YouTube Search and rank well with Google web search. The only problem is the key words he wanted had over 2 million searches a month and 4.1 million results.

We achieved his goal and these videos often rank #1 and #2 in booth Google Video search and YouTube search and a third video we did no “off page” SEO work on is often right there with the other two. How did we do in Google Web search against 4.1 million web properties? We are currently #22 and the first video that shows up.

Ranking a local business is very much easier than going after those hard nationwide keywords. The “Best Plumber” covers much territory, 3.8 million square miles in the U.S., but ranking #1 for “Best Plumber in Oak Lawn” and “Plumber Oak Lawn” is a very attainable goal. Even being #1 for “Best Plumber In Will County” is probably within easy reach.

For our first customer example we will use a nation wide search, but less popular key word set. The Boss’s friend Barry owns a mosquito misting company and sells nationwide on the internet on his website Automatic Mosquito Control. Barry was already pretty good at ranking his own videos but he had one of his videos ranked under one his competitors for the exact match key words in the title.

His YouTube video channels are Greenville Mosquito and Automatic Mosquito Control.

Using the techniques we are offering in the Video Sales Work SEO packages, utilizing only ‘off page’ SEO we were able to put that video at #1 in Google web search, not only for the exact match keywords, but at least 8 other keyword combinations. Not only did the videos we performed the SEO service on come up in rank but all the videos in his channel and the channel itself bumped up the page.*

For the search term “Mosquito Nozzle Rebuilding”, the last time we checked he was holding #1 and #2 and a total of 5 of the top 7 positions.

Needless to say, Barry is selling lots of Mistaway misting nozzles and nozzle parts and is looking to optimize some of his other videos for other key words.

Think about how you can cut your Adwords costs by being at the top of the first page for your search terms with a nice video provided by Video Sales Work.

* Getting anything to rank well on Google search results is never a sure thing and dependent on factors unknown to anyone but Google. Also when in the process of performing SEO to get a web property found, what is known as the ‘Google dance’ may cause the ranking on a page to jump around.